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Branding: Hyde Park Student Ministry

This design is actually a screenshot that we developed during the branding process in the Fall of 2008. You can clearly see the new logo design that conveys an industrial, metallic, factory look and feel for the Student Ministry of Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, TX.

This motif was further encouraged by using it to visually show how people following Jesus often have difficulty in their lives. God uses these difficulties to make us stronger and ready for His use in the Kingdom. When asked what the greatest challenge in this particular ministry, Student Pastor Wes Hinote communicated that helping students understand the necessity of living a holy life, enduring difficulties every day, and God’s desire to use them.

As we searched the Scriptures together we came across several passages that conveyed his vision for the student ministry at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, TX. Here is a list of those Scriptures:

By pouring over these passages of Scripture and listening to the heart & passion of Wes for his ministry—we developed a tagline that embodies everything in these passages of Scripture AS WELL as providing a strategic ministry plan for the overall student ministry. The tagline is this: Tested. Strong. Ready.

The 3 words communicate separate stages of development as a believer as outlined by the Bible. They also define the discipleship & educational process for the 3 age groups in the student ministry. This tagline also serves as a filter for all activities and programs for the ministry—and also acts as a catalyst for volunteers and staff. In this manner the tagline conveys the mission of the student ministry as well as a personal mission for everyone involved.

Everywhere the logo is seen, the tagline is displayed too. Doing so keeps the mission in front of the students, volunteers, and staff at all times so everyone knows the mission. This kind of visual repetition helps reinforce the purpose God has for His church, for this specific ministry, and for each person individually.