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Theme Development: Imprints for Lifeline Adoption’s 2009 Annual Fundraising Banquet

Every year Lifeline Children’s Services holds a fundraising banquet for their ministry. Every year, they have a specific theme with which they center the entire event.

In 2009, the theme is “Imprints.”

IMPRINTS—coming from Isaiah 49:16, “I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.”

Focusing on how the Lord has our names written on His palms, how every orphan and every child who seems to have been forgotten by the world has not been forgotten by their Creator but that their names are written on His hands.

For those awaiting children, that the Lord knows them by name.

For those called to help bring an orphan home through financial means, that the Lord knows them by name. And that each person at the banquet and “imprint” a life, a child with a name, through adoption and orphan care.

This graphic is the main piece on which all other pieces are based. An entire line of printed pieces have also been developed: Invitation, response cards, program, etc.