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Web Site Design: Champion Restoration

Earlier in 2009, the folks at Champion Restoration gave us a ring to help them redevelop their web site.

Knowing that I have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to any kind of construction, restoration, or damage assessment—I quickly scheduled a meeting with the owners Glenn & Melinda Mikeska. Talk about awesome people!

After hearing about some of the things that make them incredible at what they do, I took a gander at their then-current web site. I saw photos of their work, how they operate, and a lot of really good information. The challenge with that web site was that everything good about Champion Restoration was absolutely buried. It took a LOT of reading to simply find out what they did, and how you could get them over to your house if you were standing in a foot of water pouring out of your toilet upstairs. The greatest challenge on that site was there was not an easily identifiable call-to-action.

Because the vital information was buried, and the site had been enclosed entirely within a Flash web-application, they were not getting any hits from any of the search engines.

As you can see in this simple web shot, it is clear that they are Houston’s only 24/7 Emergency Response Team. Simply put, when your pipes burst at 3:05 a.m. you can call Champion Restoration and a real live, human being will answer the phone. Not only that, they will usually be onsite at your home beginning damage assessment and cleanup within about an hour. This level of service is virtually unheard of in their industry! It is also clear what kinds of services they offer, and how you can contact them right now—a call-to-action!

All of this crucial information is up on the front page, displayed in a very simple manner, and now every search engine out there can find and display everything in search results!

After our design and rewriting of their content on their web site, Champion Restoration also called upon Phusion Graphics to develop the copy writing for their entry into the 2009 Houston Better Business Bureau Pinnacle Awards. Because of the high standard of service they perform day in and day out for their customers, Champion Restoration was awarded the 2009 Pinnacle Award in their category!

What an excellent case study for effective communication and how it pays off!